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Friday, August 12th
Demonstration Sites now up. Version 9.00

The demonstration sites are now up on the new server running the 9.00 version. Any problems let me know, Les Richardson (

OA 9.00 Released

The new OA 9.00 download is available from the download page.

Saturday, July 23rd
What's working....

I'm still updating things that are broken, etc. The demo sites are updated with the latest 9.00 version, still unreleased, but in beta test. Any problems, please email me.

New Server, July 23rd

The very old server hosting these pages died, and so I'm rationalizing my servers and have this on a new server (gondor) for documentations and downloads.

Saturday, July 9th
More 9.0 updates

I've rewritten several scripts for setting the mark entry term to remove the usage of the /etc/term file and place the value in the configuration system as a hash called r_MarkEntryTerm, which stores the track (group of grades) and the matching entry term. This is set to force teacher mark/assessment/comment entries for the report card to go to a particular term record for each course. The scripts also include updated markadd0, markadd1 and the posting script ( from the gradebook. The office is closed until mid-August, so working at home off and on. More time to think about development, etc.

Wednesday, June 8th
Documentation Update - Version 9.0 +

I'm in the process of rewriting the admin and user documentation. As I get done a section, I'll update the docs. Currently working on attendance. The documentation link is to the left.... reload if you don't see the 9.0 versions.

Thursday, March 31st
New Server Updates

We're now going through the process of updating the primary and secondary OA servers for Treaty 6 Education. We are using the rackmount HP servers with single Xeon / 4 drives mirrored/striped. The response of the servers is a little bit snappier than the older HP's we've been running for the last several years. I've installed the latest Debian Linux and are using Maria DB over MySQL previously. I've just completed the daily backups (using the backup perl script in the utility folder of the distro) both onsite and offsite backup of the complete OA system.... Databases, Files (all /opt/openadmin filesystem for 16 schools), as well as full Apache configuration, etc. In the event of a building burning down, etc. we could be back up in only a few hours.

I'm working on synchronizing all updated scripts (i.e. timetable scripts updated, etc.) so that I can come up with a new OA release, I'm calling 9.0. All schools on the new servers (primary server runs all 16 schools; secondary server has all previous years databases for querying as well as the onsite daily backups) are running this code. A new release should be along in a while.